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31 July 2010 @ 04:20 pm
fic: a whisper and a clamor  
title; a whisper and a clamor
author; fiveto_midnight @ revolt_iii
rating; nc-17
fandom; inception
warnings; sex, some language, mentions of violence
character(s); arthur, cobb, mentions of mal
pairing(s)/genre(s); arthur/cobb
word count; 1.946
spoilers; okay key plot moment, but if you’ve seen the movie you should be okay with this, pre movie
disclaimer/notes; nope, don’t own a thing here. Also sfjdkfkl I don’t know, written for the inception_kink prompt: Okay, so Arthur is like this totally uptight guy, right? But really he is like this total wildcat in bed, it's just that he doesn't trust anybody enough to LET GO AND JUST FEEEEEL because he has this insane protective OCD thing going on, and Cobb sees this and is like "I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED BB" and there is convincing and touches and Arthur gasping when Cobb holds him down (idk why, you make it up anon) and delicious D/S subtext going on ALL OVER THE PLACE.

summary; Arthur never relaxes. Never rests, always there with a gun underneath his pillow and mind fishing in consciousness.
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