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31 July 2010 @ 12:20 pm
Surprise Pairing fic called 'Home'  

Title: Home
Chapter: 1/?
Fandom: Inception.
Characters: surprise pairing, because it’s a surprise.  <3
Word Count: 4750 so far
Rating: M
Warnings: Contains massive amounts of h/c and fluff, overprotectivedad!Cobb, lots of Arthur/Ariadne/Eames snuggle time, angst, and some adult situations.
Summary: Based off of the anonymous prompt I filled at [info]inception_kink  that read, "Now that he's back in his kids lives, Cobb is overcome with a huge wave of ~fatherly instincts~. I want him being all parental with his team. Making sure they eat, telling them off, wiping away grime from cheeks, straightening out their clothes and hair etc."
Disclaimer: Sadly Inception belongs to Christopher Nolan.
Notes: I just lumped all of the chapters together here, and any subsequent chapters will get their own post. So, this is probably the fic that I am the most proud of, so ANY kind of feedback would make my day.
Posted at [info]inceptionfic 

Before I forget, I drew something inspired by one of the scenes. It's not really a spoiler, so you can feel free to check it out now.  It can be found at: http://saltagain.livejournal.com/942.html#cutid1

link to the fic: http://saltagain.livejournal.com/2164.html

I hope you like.